Cooperation between public entities is a prerequisite for ensuring the quality of life of each and every one of us

This week in Holon, as part of the planned operation, a combined team of the municipal inspectors and the police caught a meat truck containing approximately 250 kilograms of expired meat unfit for human consumption.   The truck driver was caught as he unloaded the meat to a local business (a convenience store and a Shawarma restaurant). The meat shipment was destroyed by the municipal veterinarian and the livestock and produce control unit of the Ministry of agriculture that was dispatched. The incident occurred shortly after the community police of Holon launched a new integrated model dividing the city into four districts. Holon is the first city among the regional cities in Israel operating this model. I am confident that the residents will see the change soon. According to the new model, the city is divided into three policing districts now.  Each district has a police commander and operates a patrol car including a policeman and a municipal inspector that solve any problems related to law enforcement and the resident’s quality of life. I am happy that after many years of trying to promote this, we are able to execute it successfully. In a dynamic and changing world, in a more violent society and aggressive public atmosphere, it doesn’t seem that a public entity by itself is able to meet the basic needs of each person and each resident in order for them to live in a safe and peaceful environment. As leaders in servicing the residents in an urban environment, we strive to understand the needs and expectations and we create a friendly and aesthetically pleasing environment. We strive to create a home-like environment, a safe place to return to after a work day, and to hang out in during our spare time and on weekends. The problem with urban communities is that due to the intensity of life in them, they do not always produce a safe and peaceful environment, not only in huge Metropolitan cities, but also in medium-sized and even small cities. One of the important parameters in creating high quality of life in the city is the residents feeling of security, without this feeling there is no point in parks and gardens, in elegant and designed public buildings or in entertainment and commercial life. Cooperation between all organizations and public entities involved in resident’s life is necessary in order to ensure this quality of life.

A child who passes a public garden should feel safe. An old man who walks to the clinic or to the bank should feel comfortable. Each one of us who enters the public garden expects it to be  clean, well-maintained facilities and not damaged and broken-down ones, after having invested money and effort in them. But we know these scenes usually don’t happen and we feel frustrated as we invest enormous efforts in them.

The solution must be systematic. Educating and creating solidarity with the environment are essential basics, both through the education system and through community actions. Investing in an urban design and in aesthetically pleasing urban environment is also required. However, it takes a bigger effort in the enforcement and the supervision areas, to complete the picture. Cameras are placed throughout the city, even though we sometimes get unpleasant feeling from it, it becomes a necessary tool. These must be completed through deterrence by the urban supervision combined with police activity. The combination of the city supervisors who live the city lives and know all its locations and sometimes know the population of the area in a personal manner, with the parents patrols and volunteers who live in the neighborhood, are part of it, along with police force, which has the power. This combination can also enable the enforcement as required.

It is not acceptable that a law abiding citizen feels he is under threat while the criminals are being protected and not punished. We must create justice environment: whoever litters will be punished, a vandal of public property will be caught, whoever sells expired meat will pay a fine. The citizen need to feel that they have a point of contact and that someone looks out for them and allows them a fair and safe life. If we understand this approach and implement the cooperative programs, our individual quality of life will be improved beyond recognition.